Synchronization and development of national strategies of logistics in V4 countries

A project supported by the International Visegrad Fund (grant number: 31410010)

The project seeks to analyze and compare the logistics strategies of the V4 countries. The goal of the project is to map the potentials embedded in the North-South transportation in the region and its impact to economic growth. Based on the research, the project aims at delivering policy recommendations to the strategy-makers in order to improve the foundation of the future development of logistics networks within the V4 countries.

Logistics, together with related industries, has a significant potential of economic growth in the entire region. Therefore, mapping the potential development of the North-South transport corridors is a direct contribution to the economic cooperation of the Visegrad countries.

The other contribution of the project to the Visegrad cooperation is the institutionalization of the cooperation of the logistics industries of the V4 countries. At the moment, this cooperation exists in an accidental form only. The raising awareness of the Visegrad dimension of logistics would therefore significantly enhance the cohesion of the region.

The project results may be used by various groups:

– Governmental, regional and municipal agencies being responsible for logistics, urban planning,

tourism and economy in general,

– Companies active in any field of logistics business,

– Industrial and logistics parks and clusters,

– Networks and associations of logistics experts.

The output of the project is a working paper: Logistics Strategies in the Visegrad Countries: A comparative analysis. Edited by Lajos Veres (professor of economics, College of Dunaújváros). Budapest: Hungarian Logistics Association, 2015. 214 pages.