Final conference of the project Synchronization and development of national strategies of logistics in V4 countries

Pardubice, 26 November 2015


The final conference of the project Synchronization and development of national strategies of logistics in V4 countries took place in Pardubice on 26 November 2015. The conference was opened by Dr Zoltán Doór, chairman of the Hungarian Logistics Association. In his opening address, Dr Doór stressed the importance of the governmental policies in the logistics industry and declared his hope for the continuation of the project. The other opening address was said by Dr. Vaclav Cempírek, professor of logistics at the University of Pardubice and chairman of the Logistics Association of the Czech Republic. Dr Cempírek emphasized the underdeveloped logistics infrastructure in the region, which needs to be improved.

The first presentation was delivered by István Kolozsvári, economic counselor at the Hungarian embassy in Prague. Mr Kolozsvári drew attention to the increasing trade between the Czech Republic and Hungary, which obviously leads to an increasing need for transport. The automotive industry plays a key role in this process.

The Hungarian logistics strategy was presented by Dr Ákos Radóczy, expert of the Hungarian Logistics Association. Mr Radóczy’s presentation focused on the various Hungarian governmental documents and the future ways of infrastructure development.

Dr Edyta Klosa and Dr Marcin Switala, both from the University of Economics in Katowicze, presented the actual situation of the Polish logistics system and the related governmental strategies. Dr Klosa gave a broad overview about the current state of infrastructure and the economy of the Polish logistics and transport sector, while Dr Switala introduced the relevant strategic documents and the major future scenarios of development.

Dr Petr Prusa, associate professor of logistics at the University of Pardubice, presented the Czech logistics system and governmental policies.

The Slovak logistics system, its future development and the related policies were presented by two experts of the University of Zilina, Jana Kupculjakova and Stefania Semanova.

The four case studies were compared by Dr Lajos Veres, professor of economics at the College of Dunaújváros.  Veres first investigated the logistics performance index of the four countries and he compared them to the scores of the larger region. Then he compared the governmental strategies of logistics and transport and pointed to several aspects of future synchronization and cooperation.

All the talks were followed by intensive discussion. Questions concerned the ownership of the Hungarian logistic parks, the speed of railway transport in Poland, and the current situation of intermodal transport in Slovakia and Poland. The question of inland waterways was a recurring motive in these discussions.

After the presentations about the national systems of logistics, the participants joined a roundtable, whose aim was to lay down the future cooperation of the partners.